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The Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory is an exciting research space at the University of Technology Sydney. The lab is home to creative people who enjoy sharing knowledge, know-how and insights as we work with unique high-tech and robot resources.

Our primary objective is to design and make disruptive technologies that can take decisions, learn, and adapt to change as they delight and collaborate with people.

We can work with you on strategic innovation, entrepreneurship, data analytics, design thinking, artificial intelligence, social robotics, and the Internet of All Things.

If you would like to work with us on a collaborative project; to discover how you can make a diiference or take your careeer to the next level with a higher degree, please contact us.

We are particularly keen to hear from those wanting to make the world work better with decision making technologies that can take action based on the data and evidence they gather.

2018 IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication

Best Paper Award

2018 Human-Robot Interaction Conference

Magic Lab researchers will present three papers at HRI-2018 in Chicago this year that highlighted our work with CBA in Social Robotics.

2018 Disruptive Innovation Week, Sydney

2018 Leadership Program, Department Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Mary-Anne will be sharing her insights on DIsruptive Innovation

2018 Harry Surden Visits from the USA

Harry will be working with researchers in the Magic Lab and our research partners January - June.

2018 Peter Gardenfors Visits from Sweden

Peter will be working with researchers in the Magic Lab and our research partners January - February

2018 Financial Services Unit Workshop at UTS

The Magic Lab will inspire UTS Financial Services Unit with Robots!

2017 European Satellite Navigation Competition Prize

2017 Best Human-Robot Interface Award

UTS Unleashed! wins the Best Human-Robot Interface Award at RoboCup 2017

2017 RoboCup Social Robotiics Competition

UTS Unleashed! claims second place in the Social Robotiics Competition at RoboCup 2017

2017 The Australian and New Zealand School of Government, Executive Fellows Program (ANZSOG)

Mary-Anne give invited presentation at ANZSoG

2017 World Science Festival

Mary-Anne on the AI Futures panel

2017 Cognitive Knowledge Acquisition and Applications

[Mary-Anne was invited speaker at Cognitum] (

2017 Connect Expo & the Digital Health Show

2017 AI & Machine Learning Summit

Mary-Anne was an invited speaker on Artificial Intelligence as a disruptive technology

2017 Women in STEM, Women in Science Society, University of Sydney Panel

2017 IJCAI Workshop on Human-Robot Engagement

The Magic organsied an exciting workshop at IJCAI with CBA on Human-Robot Engagement

2017 NASA Space Robotics Challenge

NASA Space Robotics Challenge Finalist and Third Place: Samuel Pfeiffer

2017 IBISWorld 3P Innovation Competition

2017 RoboCup Social Robotics @Home League Qualification

Only Australian Team to Qualify for the Social Robotics League at RoboCup 2017

2017 AMY Student Awards Finalists

Team - PhD Student: Meg Tonkin; Capstone Students: Navi Gunaratne, Jose Gunawarman, Denis Draca; First Class Honours Student: Le Kang.

2017 Start-Up Catalyst's Youth USA Mission

Mahya Knox

2016 Best Social Robot Design Prize

International Conference on Social Robotics, Meg Tonkin

2016 Australian-French Entrepreneurship Challenge

Finalist PhD Student Mayha Knox

2016 Project Pitch

Winner PhD Student Mayha Knox

2016 First Class Honours

Le Kang

2016 IBM PhD Fellowship

PhD Student Mahya Knox

2016 Stocklands Social Robotics Scholarship $25K

Le Kang

BuzzConf, Melbourne


Mary-Anne speaking at BuzzConf, a cutting edge, technology, futurism, and innovation conference, where all participants and presenters spend the whole weekend together in a scenic campground rather than in a stuffy conference centre.

Optus and The Guardian Innovation Event


Mary-Anne speaking at the Optus and The Guardian Business Thought Leadership Panel, October 27, 2016.

Tech23, Surry Hills


Mary-Anne invited to speak as an Industry Leader

CSIRO visits the Magic Lab


Demos and discussion about the future with social robots.

Optus visits the Magic Lab


Demos and discussion about the future with social robots.


Woz speaks to a massive and super excited audience at the ATP

UTS Open Day


If you're thinking about uni, UTS Open Day is for you!


CBA, Stocklands and the Magic Lab launch their new and superexciting partnership

Science Week


Mary-Anne speaks at Creating Art with AI, Science Week, August 2016

Designing the Future with Social Robots


The Magic Lab organised a CBA Senior Managers Design Thinking Workshop

Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering (ATSE)


Social Robotics: The New Frontier, Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering (ATSE), Adelaide April 2016.

Innovation: Bringing the Future Forward


David Thodey gives a talk and speaks Roy Green and Mary-Anne

Science Week Booklet


What goes on in the Magic Lab for Droids, Drones and Robots.

Robots and Art


Mary-Anne on Robots and Art panel at Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, UNSW, June 2016

CBA innovation Lab Visits


Leaders from the CBA Innovation Lab visit the Magic Lab

Pop-Up Class Designing Helpful Robots


Profesor Bernhard Nebel gives a pop-up class on robot design and cooperation.

Triple A Talks @ UTS Business School


Kambala Students Visit


Girls from Kambala visit the Magic Lab to see robots and interview researchers for their documentary.

Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering (ATSE)


Social Robotics: Opportunities and Challenges, Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering (ATSE), Adelaide April 2016.

Steve Wozniak wows Government Summit


Steve shares his thoughts on the NSW Government Future of Transport Summit and the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

Mary-Anne speaks at SRI International


SRI International is a nonprofit, independent research center serving government and industry. SRI research and innovations have led to new industries and products that impact people’s lives every day—from the computer mouse and interactive computing to medical ultrasound, cancer drugs ....

We Robot


Magic Lab goes to the We Robot conference the leading conference on robots and law. See for details see Self-Driving Cars, Predictability, and Law

Magic Lab goes to Stanford


Jesse Clark, Benjamon Johnston and Mary-Anne Williams go to Stanford University

MBAe Official Launch


Exciting day for the Business School who laucnhed the new MBA Entrepreneurship!

Human-Robot Interaction


Present our work at the HRI Conference

Innovation at UTS Bootcamp


The Magic Lab led the delivery of the Design Thinking Bootcamp #3 in the UTS:Hatchery

Innovation at UTS Bootcamp


The Magic Lab led the delivery of the Design Thinking Bootcamp #2 in the UTS:Hatchery

Mary-Anne speaks at Pause Fest



Innovation at UTS Bootcamp


Design Thinking Bootcamp #1 in the UTS:Hatchery

Design Thinking Bootcamp


The Magic Lab led the delivery of the Design Thinking Train-the-Trainer Session

Ben and Mary-Anne meet Muru-d


Muru-d is the startup accelerator backed by Telstra. We invest in great teams with innovative technology and global ambitions.

Design Thinking Bootcamp


The Magic Lab led the delivery of the Design Thinking Train-the-Trainer Planning Session

Japan Research Expedition


Five researchers from the Magic Lab undertake a two-week Research Expedition to Japan to develop new collaborative projects with the University of Tokyo, Osaka University and SONY. Going to Japan to see Robots is like time-travel into the Future. This expedition has been two years in the making and funded by the Australia-Japan Foundation.

The at Stanford beams into the Magic Lab


Jeremy Utley, Director of the at Stanford University beams into the Magic Lab for a chat about entrepreneurship.

Robot Empathy


Anskar presents his exciting work on robot empathy at the International Conference on Bio-Inspired Cognitive Architectures in France

Robots that can Read and Write


Nima presents his amazing work on robot hand-writing at HUMANOIDS 2015

Harry on Self-Driving Cars at Stanford University


Harry Surden presents work at the Stanford Law School that he undertook at UTS earlier this year.

Woz Keynote Gartner Symposium/ITxpo on the Gold Coast


Steve Wozniak discusses the big disruptive trends that excite him and his view on the technologies that are shaping digital business to help steer future strategy.

Mick Liubinskas, Entrepreneur in Residence at muru-D


The Magic Lab organised a fantastic entrepreneurship focus talk - which customers to focus on, which features to focus on, how to focus yourself and how to find the balance of focus and vision for your startup.

CBA Marketing Strategy Day


Mary-Anne gives an invited talk on Future Disruptive Services and Ben demonstrates several autonomous robots.

PhD Student accepts a Data Analytics Position at CBA


Nima Ramezani takes on an exciting data science role at Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Artificial Intelligence Journal Publication


Pavlos Peppas and Mary-Anne Williams publish a great paper in the top-tier Artificial Intelligence Journal with Norman Foo.

Valeo €100,000 Innovation Challenge


Finalists, UTS Unleashed!

Bio-Inspired Cognitive Architectures


Muh Anshar has his work on human-robot pain and empathy accepted to the Bio-Inspired Cognitive Architectures conference.

Top Masters of IT


New PhD student in the Magic Lab, Suman Ohja, takes top position in the University of Sydney Masters of IT program.

Magic Lab Japan Research Expedition


Today we started firming up our plans to send a Magic Lab team to work with our research partners in Japan: University of Tokyo, Osaka University and Sony. This scientific expediation is sponsored by the Australia-Japan Foundation.

Social Media Privacy


Sri shares his views on social media privacy with the Huffington Post

Human-Robot Interaction


We conduct important Human-Robot Interaction experiments with enthusiastic humans at UTS Open Day. This provides a truly exciting opportunity fo rthe general public to engage in our world leading research and learn about what to expect when working with robots in real life.

Disruptive Innovation


Mahya completes her PhD Candidature assessment with flying colours! Her work focuses on disruptive innovation in the financial services industry. She is developing a more human-centric approach to innovative service design using design thinking and data analytics.

Helping the Disabled


Jin Hu visiting student from China develops a novel robot behaviour that helps humans regain muscle strength and control.

Eureka Prize Evening


Mary-Anne attends Eureka Prizes Night. These prizes reward excellence in the fields of research & innovation, leadership, science communication & journalism and school science. Congratulations to Dacheng Tao who won the Scopus Eureka Prize for Excellence in International Scientific Collaboration.



James Hornitzky gives a fabulous talk in the Hatchery. James is founder of the digital agency Leafcutter and previously completed a First Class Honours degree in the Magic Lab on Innovation.

Inspiring Next-Gen Robotists


Some very special primary school children visit the Magic Lab to meet the robots, partake in a human-robot interaction experiement, and see Xun Wang at work.

Muru-D: Telstra Accelerator


The Magic Lab have fun at Muru-D's wearable's event.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Mahya, a brilliant Magic Lab PhD Student, speaks at the UTS Shapeshifters event - Crafting Innovators

Magic Lab Robots visit the Magic Pudding


Robots meet preschools at The Magic Pudding one of UTS's day care centres.

Hugo has his first paper acceptance


Our wonderful student intern from France has his first paper accepted to a prestigious workshop on learning object affordances. Hugo worked with researchers in the Magic Lab to design a Human-Robot Interaction experiment using Australia's only PR2 social robot.

Earth Overshoot Day


ACI Connect


Mary-Anne gives invite talk on Fast-Tracking the Future with Advanced Robotics and Data Analytics

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation


The Magic Lab researchers show off their social robots. Gutsy, the PR2, gives the Minister a much needed hug!

Muru-D: Telstra Accelerator


The Magic Lab have fun at Muru-D.

IT for Entrepreneurs


Jesse and Mary-Anne present a class on software for entrepreneurs in the UTS:Hatchery

Killer Robots


Open Letter arguing the importance of banning Killer Robots signed by Steve Wozniak and Mary-Anne.

Innovative Car Technology


Henry Bard demonstrates his new car technologies before heading back to the US.

Human-Robot Interaction Experiments


Hugo and Henry ask humans to help a robot build a tower of duplo blocks.

Fireside Chat with Steve Wozniak


Woz shares some important insights and reveals his entrepreneurial mindset

The Magic Lab heads back to Stanford


Jesse and Mary-Anne visit collaborators at Stanford University for several weeks.

Human Centred Design for Robots


Tuck Wah Leong, specialist in human-centred approaches of inquiry and technology design, discusses the benefits of using Human Centred Design for Social Robotics to ensure people are the core focus when considering Human-Computer/Robot interactions.

Telstra Senior Executives Visit


Telstra leads in digital transformation.

Henry takes up Magic Lab Internship


Henry Bard arrives from the University of Southern California for his Internship in the Magic Lab. He will be working on The Car of The Future Project.

The Hatchery


Mary-Anne spends the morning with students in the UTS Hatchery doing amazing things.

Woz speaks in Sydney


Distinguished Professor Steve Wozniak speaks on Innovation at the World Business Forum in Sydney.

Predicting Future Innovation and Technologies


Harry Surden led a Pop-Up class on how to predict the future. Once you can predict the future you can try to reverse engineering it.

Data Science Symposium


Mary-Anne gives a talk and the Magic attend the UTS Data Science Symposium.

Vaishak drops in from Belgium


Vaishak Belle shares his insights on Robot Learning and Planning.

Hugo arrives from France for his Internship


Hugo Romat arrives from France to take up a Magic Lab Internship. He will be working on Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration.

PhD Graduations: Rony and Shan


Congratualtions to Magic Lab students Dr Shan Chen and Dr Rony Novianto who graduate with a PhD today!

Harry visualizes US Law


Harry Surden launches his interactive Force Directed Graphs that visualise the US Constitution and US Patent Law

Angel Investing: Strategies


Telstra's muru-D Angel Investing Strategy Meeting

From Amazon to Apple


Mario Ye, software engineering star and Magic Lab Alum, moves from Amazon in Seattle to Apple in Cupertino!

Magic Lab Website Launch


Jesse Clark builds our new website using a novel design that renders content from a Google document. Seriously cool!

Harry Surden Seminar


Harry gave a brilliant seminar at the UTS Law School on Computable Contracts. Harry is spending 6 months of his sabbatical in the Magic Lab.

Fireside Chat with David Skillicorn


Discussion on cognitive architectures and learning with David, Queens University Canada.

Women Rock IT


The Magic Lab invited to the UTS Cisco Networking Academy will be broadcasting the following Women Rock IT-Cisco webinar

Mahya Mirzaei Poueinag is awarded a prestigious IBM PhD Fellowship


Vice Chancellor Professor Attila Brungs and Deputy Director IBM Research Lab, Jürg von Kanel, visit the Magic Lab to congratulate PhD Student Mahya on her IBM PhD Fellowship Award. Mahya is the sixth UTS student to receive an IBM Fellowhip since 2010.

Nobel Prize Committee


Peter Gardenfors returns to Sweden for the Nobel Prize Committee meetings. Peter servies on the Nobel Prize for Economics Committee.

Research Discussions with ISF


Exciting discussions with Peter Gardenfors and ISF on using belief reivison for smart metering project

Peter Gardenfors Visits from Sweden


Peter Gardenfors, member of the Nobel Prize Committee for Economics, visits the Magic Lab.

Cricket World Cup Insights in Action


Magic Lab invoted to SAP Australia to chat with Matthew Haydon

Gerd Brewka Research Seminar in the Magic Lab


GRAPPA: A Semantical Framework for Graph-Based Argument Processing

Celebrating Pi Day


Pi Day held special significance this year on 3/14/15 (mm/dd/yy date format) at 9:26:53 a.m

Magic Lab Hackathon


Researchers and students spent four days working on new ideas for human-robot interaction, social and group behaviours, and helping robots understand human emotions.

Design Thinking


We held a Design Thinking Workshop to design the Magic Lab Hackathon

Magic Lab Strategy Session


We are developing a new strategy for the Magic Lab to take us from 2016 - 2020.

Vice Chancellor swings by


Professor Attila Brungs visits the Magic Lab and helps improve our next experiment on human-robot interaction.

Dacheng Tao Research Seminar


Dacheng gives a talk in the Magic Lab entitled "Matrix Decomposition - A savoury ingredient for cooking your research"

Harry Surden Visits


Professor Harry Surden from the University of Colorado will spend six months in the Magic Lab. He will be working on techniques that will ensure robots are law abiding!